Write For IR Insights

Guidance for writings

IR Insights (IRI) welcomes your contribution. If you are interested in writing for us, please carefully read the following guidelines. We welcome article pitches and unsolicited manuscripts, and we review them on a regular basis. Please send your contributions to irinsightss@gmail.com

IRI is a uniquely global source of journalism, analysis, and commentary on international relations, world politics and a wide range of issues of global importance. We feature the voices of promising academics, policymakers, and local writers from all over the globe. IR Insights was created by people who want to be informed and have a deep interest in a broad range of subjects, from history to economics, international development to global terrorism—and aim to make the magazine accessible to all.

Acceptable submissions

  • Commentaries are 750 to 1,500-word submissions that aim to provide a particular perspective or opinion on a subject. These submissions are the author’s personal (and informed) opinions.
  • Analyses are 750 to 1,500-word submissions that provide a comprehensive, scholarly perspective on a particular subject. These articles do not convey the author’s personal opinions.
  • Rebuttals are 500 to 1,000 word commentaries on material that has been previously published in TGP. They should reflect an informed opinion or a contrasting scholarly analysis. 
  • Journal includes more than 2000 words will be attached to our article section. 

Editorial Guidelines and Policies

  • Please submit your contribution as a Word document (rather than a PDF). No other formats will be accepted.
  • Papers are accepted for publication on the assumption that they have not been previously published elsewhere either in whole or in part.
  • Use APA Style for all submitted manuscripts. There are a number of free AP style guides available online.
  • In-line hyperlinks are mandatory in acknowledging sources. Use either scholarly journals, credible periodicals and newspapers as sources. We fact check every article we publish.
  • American English spelling and terminology should be used.
  • We will contact you only if we will accept your piece. If you do not hear from us within three business days, you may feel free to submit the manuscript to another publication.
  • Please submit your article to only one publication. Please do NOT submit to multiple editors. This is a courtesy to IRI and the other publications as well.
  • Plagiarism (even inadvertent) will not be tolerated. All submissions will be screened. Any published articles found that takes credit for someone else’s words or ideas will be removed.
  • Avoid technical language or industry jargon. IRI believes in making big ideas accessible to all.
  • Do not assume knowledge on the part of the reader. Not everyone is from the same place or has access to the same sources of information.
  • Please include your full name and title with a short biography (50 words maximum) and a photo/headshot.