Israel- Palestine Conflict and
Divided World Liberal Order

Question: “How Israel-Palestine Conflict has challenged the liberal International Order?”


Md. Rashidul Islam Rusel [1]:

“The world is clearly divided, and the order has been challenged. It appears that the world is deeply divided over Palestine.

The countries in the north that also claim to be liberal are supporting Israel. The countries in the global south have shown more solidarity with the Palestinians, and that is very evident if we notice that globally, people have been demonstrating for the Palestinian cause.

In most of the cases in the global south, even the governments are playing a very pro-Palestinian role, especially some states or some states in Latin America like Colombia, Venezuela, and some states in Africa like South Africa, which have already played pro-Palestinian roles. More than eleven states have already severed their diplomatic ties with Israel, which is quite remarkable.

So the global south has shown historic grievances towards the west, or the colonial west, which actually forms the liberal international order. Based on this context, they think that this conflict is a continuation of colonial exploitation, colonial oppression, and the colonial past.

So therefore, it has been very easy for the global south to be wholeheartedly supportive of the Palestinians. So this has become an interesting development.

Not only that even in the western cities, public opinion has been changing. A manifestation of these are the large gatherings for the Palestinian cause, which even prompted many western states to ban Palestinian demonstrations.

Interestingly, at the USA’s best and most major universities, including Harvard and Stanford, major demonstrations are happening, including student demonstrations and general public demonstrations, which are happening in New York and all other major US cities, and this is unprecedented.

I mean, for the Palestinian cause, the West has witnessed the biggest demonstration ever, and it continues. Even in Australia, in Sydney, in the UK, in London, in Paris, and everywhere, peace-loving people have come out and demonstrated against Israeli occupation and brutality in Gaza.

And not only that, many Jewish groups who are pro-peace, anti-Zionist, you know, demonstrated and expressed their solidarity with Palestinians. So this can be identified as a major peace-oriented development that has actually been a challenge to the liberal international order from within the liberal states.”

Questioner: “Thank You.”



[1] Md. Rashidul Islam Rusel Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations Jahangirnagar University Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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