Blue Economy in Marine Affairs: An Introduction


Whenever we encounter ‘Blue Economy’ as a concept, we generally assume that the concept is all about the inclusion of a state to global economy or world market through using sea routes, which ultimately will thrive state’s economic possession. 

But in reality the concept was developed with a distinct character. In Rio+20, 2012, the concept ‘Blue Economy’ officially introduced to global leaders. 

The concept stresses that for the development of economy of any littoral states in general, besides economic portion, both social and environment dimensions are essential too. 

Since ancient times to pre-modern era the ocean had been used for naval warfare, safe routes and asset to that time powers. But in the age of technological development, the oceans have become an essential platform to carry overall development of any coastal countries. 

The concept ‘Blue Economy’ refers to proper utilization of untapped marine resources systematically. The concept addresses through utilizing the resources parallel with protecting complex marine ecosystem, a state can attain sustainable development. 

Besides, ‘Blue Economy’ emphasizes regional co-operation to this sustainability. Since for the relationship of any states with others need some academic directions, therefore the concept ‘Blue Economy’ gradually becomes essential to be inclined into the academic discourses of both International Relations (IR) and Marine Affairs. 

We know international relations is essential to our daily life. Since we hold citizenship status that ensures us state provided rights and in return we show allegiance toward state, thus any interactions of the state with other actors have either direct or indirect influence on us. 

However, the concept ‘Blue Economy’ as a concept inaugurate for three functions, namely: Increase income of locals Social development of littorals, and Accelerate state overall income and GDP. 

Moreover, the concept commenced with three vital objectives, namely: Human well-being Social equality, and Environment protection. 

I believe, if we implement the concept as per such these essential objectives successfully, our economy will boost up in no time. The three objectives mentioned above are very basic slogan of economic development. 

However, countries like Bangladesh blessed with such huge sea area needs to implement the concept efficiently. This big blue waters could make Bangladesh an important benefactor in the Bay of Bengal region as well as Indian ocean. 

So, the government of Bangladesh have no option but to prioritize ‘Blue Economy’ and adopt an efficient policy framework to utilize the Bay of Bengal for her own benefits as well as sustainable economic development.



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